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Down at the Shooting Range | by the Delaware Water Gap

icy | Monday, May 18, 2009 2:47 AM
Tags: desert eagle cx4 storm ar30 ar15 glock
Maybe some rating control can come here?

Yes baby, down at the range... AR-30, AR-15, Beretta Storm CX4, Desert Eagle .50, Smith&Wesson 9mm, Glock 17 9mm... what a day! Now, how much did you say the Storm was? Right, please wrap one for me, to go. Thank you Alper...

The name of the shooting range is "Sunset Hill Shooting Range", it is in Philledelphia.


Beretta CX 4CX4 Storm 9mm

One of the best close combat carbines out there. Fires 9mm, exceptional handling, amazing weight distribution, and guess what, you shoot what you aim at, period. Breathtaking experience to shoot with this gun. Amazing, amazing piece of weapon. If you can find it, buy it, or let me know, I'll buy it (it is quite hard to find one; apparently it is one of the most sought after gun in the US right now). My favorite weapon so far. Next, I want to try FN-P90, Steyr Aug and MTAR-21; though I doubt if they have these babies for civillian fun shooting purposes.



AR-30ArmaLite's AR30 & AR15

Pretty impressive sniper. Very loud and frightening to watch, but surprisingly smooth and easy to use actually. With a good scope, this sniper is an absolute thunder. The trigger is firm but light and the bolt action is fast.


I definitely prefer shooting with AR-30 to AR-15; which had a badly calibrated scope and actually had a worse kickback than AR-30 today. Boo-hoo.




Desert Eagle .50 Desert Eagle .50 AE

Yes, it is very heavy (~8pounds) and yes, it has a kick back... but, not that much. I mean, I had no trouble shooting what I aimed at 20ft. It is an experience but just like Kingda Ka, I would do it only for the experience, nothing else. This is one heavy, bulky, troublesome weapon. Good luck to anyone who has to carry it around all day long.




Glock 17 9mmGlock 17 9mm

This handgun had a lot of kickback for its size. I mean, I was taken by surprise. It is quite light to the touch and pretty fun to use also has a very comfortable grip - for my hand at least.





Smith&Wesson 9mm

Not much to say. It is a real blast to fire this beauty, though I've read a lot of reports of misfires, jams all sorts of mischiefs under stress. Still, this gun has a place in my heart: it was the first semi-auto pistol I had fired. If I had to choose between this and Glock, I'd go for the glock


commenter | Thursday, November 26, 2009 7:33 PM
Maybe some rating control can come here?
i go shooting some times here in wa shot a 303 and a muazer
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    re: brynn by icy
commenter | Thursday, November 26, 2009 7:31 PM
Maybe some rating control can come here?
wickid were do i buy one
commenter | Saturday, August 22, 2009 3:51 PM
Maybe some rating control can come here?
hola comoestan esmuy vonita lapistala glock17 muylinda ok mencantaria conplar unademisma para mi huso personal hi tanbien para resorver varios problemas como esta lasituacion ahoramismo miren esconlo ojos abierto pork unonosabe cuando levapasar lacosa heee esmuy peligroso ok ya ledi lafama a lapistala es mifavorita maquina jajaja
And Then There Were Trees, and Bullets, and Guns, and Horses, and Indians and Outlaws | What What West...
icy | Wednesday, May 20, 2009 3:55 AM
Maybe some rating control can come here?


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